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Originally Posted by Chimpbot View Post
Your problem is that you seem to view outrage as mutually exclusive; in your view, you can apparently only be appalled by one thing at a time.

Groups such as the fictionalized one in this game have existed and do exist, whether we like it or not. Are they as violent as other terrorist groups? Oftentimes, yes...but not always on the same massive scale, at least domestically (which is what everything I've been saying has been framed by...a point you conveniently choose to gloss over each and every time). They're not attacking Christianity; they're basing this story on the sorts of crazy cults we've actually had crop up in this country on multiple occasions.

The saddest part about this whole thing is that if Ubisoft had chosen to make a game about an ISIS stand-in...lives very well could be threatened, if not taken, by the groups they'd be criticizing. By going with a fictionalized religious cult - that is clearly intended to be a perversion of Christianity - they'll simply raise the ire of conservatives, most of whom won't attempt to blow anyone up (but their panties will certainly get extraordinarily bunched).

I'm not minimizing the horrific things Muslim terrorists have done and continue to do. I'm just saying it's okay to focus on an entirely different fictionalized group for a fictionalized story in a video game.
How are you not minimizing? We have attacks in the name of Islam in the US and around the world practically daily. That you needed to go back 30 years to try and equivalize acts of Islamic terrorism to those performed by other groups is telling. There is no single group on this planet TODAY that performs these acts at even remotely the same level or frequency as Muslims. Hell we even have federal judges attempting to stop Trump from trying to keep America free of Sharia, so much so it's going to end up at the Supreme Court. What do you think Muslims are going to start proposing for American laws should they get into positions of power in the US? Seriously you need only look at Europe for signs of things to come. Or are you that naive and uninformed?

It's like I said, if Islamic extremists were to detonate a nuclear device and killed 50 million Americans, people like you would be more concerned with protecting those poor moderate muslims from backlash than anything else. The way you think Chimpbot defies logic or the reality of what is happening in the world. It must be nice to have your head burried so deeply in the sand that you have zero foresight.
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