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Originally Posted by Chimpbot View Post
Terry Crews is awesome. He should have gotten the sequel to Shaq Fu.
That made me chuckle.

As for "Crackdown 3"... It wasn't just the "personal" touch of the marketing campaign that rubbed me the wrong way. The whole project smelled fake from the word go! "The Cloud" is just another computer on the internet. Sure, it might be good for some random background calculations or storing additional data, but haven't people learned anything from the OnLive debacle? To me, the 2015 "gameplay" trailer and presentation were just as ridiculous as the "Milo" demo or the first "Kinect" trailers (remember the skateboard-scanning feature?).

Microsoft seems adamant to produce something that at least resembles the vision from these first trailers, chewing up and spitting out developers left and right. Well, maybe with the added computing power of the X.B.O.X., they will eventually be able to pull it off. I really don't see the point, though. Destruction is nice, but the first game (let's not talk about the second) was about using the environment, not destroying it! Just reduce the scale of the destruction and focus on cool, vertical level design!
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