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Originally Posted by Chief Smash View Post
I agree but I'd add Sully to that as well. Drake and Sully were a lot of fun and they certainly had the right amount of charm and wit. There's nothing really wrong with Chloe but I don't think she's got that strength of character to make me care the way Drake and Sully did. Hopefully I'm wrong.
I agree about Nathan and Sully. I didn't care much for Sam replacing Sully as the go-to partner in 4. I get it due to story and Sully's age, though. Still a great game, but it did lose some charm for me. The back and forth dialogue wasn't as snappy when Sully wasn't part of it.

I don't really care about these characters, so that's a minus. Then again, I didn't care about Nathan until I played one, so I'll try to keep an open mind. But if it's the same stuff with lesser characters, I'm not that interested.
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