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Originally Posted by Booda View Post
It's a participation award. There is no way in hell the way the Academy is currently made up that they are going to give a semi-live action cartoon the Best Picture Oscar or any other Oscar that's currently on the list. Those superhero type films currently might be able to pull off the "Academy Award for Best Animated Feature" but then they'll piss off the 100% animation enthusiasts. Hence why they came up with the "Popular Film" award or better known as the "Will you all shut the fuck up now... we gave your favorite shitty movie an award" Oscar.
Well, that's kind of the point: The Oscars lacks certain categories that cause some otherwise great films to be left out in the cold. I'm not even pretending to say that Infinity War should be up for Best Picture, but there are some phenomenal action movies or comedy movies that go entirely unrecognized by the Academy in most cases.

What you call "participation trophy", I call "steps towards recognizing good or great films that aren't just Oscar Bait".
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