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Originally Posted by PacerDawn View Post
The Division is fun for what it is, and it's definitely not realistic due to the enemy bullet sponges. You can even choose a difficulty level at the end, which I really like.

I do have one major issue with it.

The Survival mode in the second expansion is the most popular mode from what I understand. I thought it sounded fun too, and I was really looking forward to it. I saved it until I got through the entire story. And then...

I'm not a PVP'er so I mostly do PVE. Remember the old PVE MMO's? Everquest for example? Where people could swoop in and take your kill/loot at the last second? Well, apparently the devs thought that was so much fun, they brought it back for this mode! I was playing with a couple of friends and, after a marathon fight, we barely got down a yellow bar boss--only to have some jack-hole appear out of nowhere and scoop up the loot. One of the guys I was with who plays this mode a lot said that happens all the time.

Granted the loot in Survival mode is temporary and vanishes when you exit, but you still get the full experience of working hard for something only to have it stolen away at the end.

Yeah. Usually only have problems right after you drop in to the map. But I don't typically run straight to known enemy spots to try and get gear. That's a magnet for getting killed and/or not getting any loot. I focus on getting materials for crafting and cold weather gear. Getting Pulse quickly can save you a lot of heartache when it comes to running into enemies. And being able to stay in the weather longer let's you get more time searching. Usually when i complete a run I get around 11 crates of gear.

That's where my real complaint comes in managing gear. 120 slots on my character, 150 slots in my stash and im still nearly out of room. Because I'm saving different weapons to experiment with, 14 gear sets with 6 pieces each, plus keeping mods on hand for specific builds.

Bullet sponges for typical FPS games yes. Not really for RPG's.
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