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Originally Posted by Taiso View Post
They could put all those resources into finding ways to attract people to their newly released handheld, the PS Vita. It's a pretty cool portable and there is potential there if they can find a way to get people to adopt it. I mean, they released it into a market where smartphones and tablets are taking control and where the 3DS sort of covers the rest.

That's an idea, you know. Actually fight for a market share with a product you JUST RELEASED.

Or make SonyKinect, because they haven't lost enough money in their games division just yet.
Just got my hands on the Vita, and I am impressed by it from the sheer ability it has. I haven't dived deep into because I want it all set up with my account and things like that, but it is pretty freaking impressive.

The touch screen is smooth, the buttons, are a tad small, but understandable. The screen, WOW, that is about the best thing you can say. I can't wait to go home and start playing some Uncharted, and I really can't wait for the 6th of March because I will get to see full well how the Vita does Remote play with the baseball game.
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