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Originally Posted by Earth Djinn View Post
Sony have never done ANYTHING original, hardware wise.

They have literally never had a single aspect to their controllers that wasn't stolen directly from Nintendo. Well, except for the horrible placement of sticks. I still can't believe they've stuck to that for three gens now.
You and me both, pal. The Playstation controller is the single worst controller I've ever used. It's the main reason I've avoided all of the Playstations, despite owning PS 1 and 2 (for a few can't miss games).

Originally Posted by Syl View Post
Are you sure this isn't for the Eyetoy?
I wouldn't be surprised if they called it some variant of Eyetoy. But it's clearly designed to take on Kinect and be more than the Eyetoy. The Eyetoy is a glorified webcam. What this patent is about is depth perception and what it makes possible, which the eyetoy is incapable of.
Choose your government: the majority ruling the minority, the minority ruling the majority, or everyone ruling themselves long as they do not initiate force, fraud, or theft against one another.
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