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Originally Posted by PatrickRes9 View Post
Oh, I didn't know they haven't re-released the loot boxes yet. I thought I heard they were coming soon, but couldn't remember exactly when. I haven't actually purchased the game or played it myself. I've just seen gameplay videos and reviews.

Still 9+ million doesn't seem like a total disaster, though to Chief's point, I don't know how much of that was at a discounted price. It's just hard for me to envision loot boxes and microtransactions reversing trend if Activision and the likes are pulling in so much cash with them.
Personally I find the whole uproar about it in EA's case a total farce. These are the same people that will spend all sorts of real money on cosmetic items if Blizzard's name is on the front of the box, yet suddenly have a problem when Electronic Arts does the same fucking thing.
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