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Originally Posted by randir14 View Post
I cant comment on which game is better since I haven't played Dark Souls yet, but at least CD Projekt cared enough about the Witcher 2 360 version that they rebuilt it to get the best performance, visuals and controls that they could from the console. Unlike the Dark Souls port which might as well be running on an emulator. Although to FROM's credit they've always been upfront in interviews about their lack of PC experience and that the port wouldn't be improved. Namco probably put them on a strict schedule and limited budget.

After all, it's not like they can expect to sell a fuckton of copies on PC, especially for a re-release of a game that came out ages ago on console.

Anyway, if poor resolution/frame rate issues are more important to you than challenging, original gameplay and a really well developed semi-open world, more power to you.

I respect your right to miss out on one of the best games of this generation!
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