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Originally Posted by RAV View Post
The original story of Mulan is based on ancient chinese folklore. In that, the core values it communicates are traditional.
It is the story of a person that has to earn respect through hardship, who has to live up to expectations and challenges.
Life doesn't become easier just because you are weak. You have to toughen up, get the skills and rise to the challenge.
People don't owe you anything. They naturally have their own concerns, worries and expectations. Your job is to deal with that.
Eventually through perserverence, the protagonist would overcome the difficulties and earn proper status.
If you work hard enough and want it enough, there is little you can't do, regardless circumstances.
You are not just a little victim of circumstance. You can forge your destiny.

A secondary motive may also be to recognize that unlikely people can surprise your expectations.
There are various examples of exceptional heroine figures in history, inspiring men to victory.

The earlier Mulan from Disney still had traces of these universal core values.
The main guy was a tough drill seargent, with the responsibility to prepare his soldiers for the hardships of war.
He wasn't a "nice guy", he was as tough as life itself is. If you can't even handle him, what business do you have trying to defend your people against the enemy?
Go home, if you can't manage yourself properly, you just put your fellow teammates in further danger, and are an unnessary risk and burdern to everyone around.
Otherwise buckle up, shut up, and do what is required, like everyone else. And if there is especially little reason to have faith in your ability, then you'll have to work even harder to earn trust. Such is life.

Having said all that. I have no faith in Disney as of today. I wouldn't be surprised if they choose this story only to concerntrate on the percieved "injustice" of it
Maybe sort of revolving mainly around a passive aggressive revenge story, of proving why all the guys were idiot biggots for not believing in you, and now you showed them.
As was mentioned here, some people just see in things what they want to see, and people like at Disney today have a track record of taking established franchises and interpreting them in shabby ways.
But we'll have to see. I just don't have reason for high expectations beforehand though. If Disney wanted to change that, they'd have to work hard. I have reasonable doubts about that.

Besides of all that, there is good reason why throughout all history, all across the world in all cultures, 99.99% of people decided to do their best to keep their women out of harms way.
Sending the people with reproductive capabilities into the front lines of war is the dumbest possible thing a tribe could do. It meant the sure extinction of the tribe. Which is why the only surviving cultures were those who didn't.
You can crunch the numbers on that through various scenarios, the logic of life with our species in particular is brutal, in what happens with different configurations. The effects over time are staggering, across various skirmishes.
Losing reproductive capability is the most threatening setback a tribe can have. Every single woman is the greatest treasure, not to be wasted as cannon fodder, but to be kept away from danger as best as possible.
The way numbers work out, you can lose a 100 men, and it will set you back less than losing a single woman. That's why our societies have been setup like they were for all these millennia.

But well, let's just say that the hard requirements of survival of a biological species are not really of any concern to people today. So might as well send women to their death. To be fair and out of love, of course.
just like killing unborn babies. Who cares about that bio trash. It's so inconvenient. it ain't even really human! Ain't that some progress. sure is. revolutionary. Just like the Gulag death camps in the Soviet Union were.

Um... yeah, what RAV said. All of it. The parts about Disney and how disposable life is today. The luxury we have of treating life as such a worthless commodity. Or the blindness of our treating it as such...
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