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Originally Posted by BenSkywlkr View Post
Do you honestly believe what you just typed? Try googling same day abortions near me, unless you live somewhere very different than I do, you should see a lot of hits. Also, it's less involved then a pulled tooth up until 24 weeks in many instances(chemical).

Follow up question, once synthetic uterus are at a state where they can be safely used on a mass market scale would you support a hard line abortion ban in any instance where the fetus can be transferred?

The follow up question normally separates the people who want women to have agency over their bodies from the people that just want to kill.
Regardless the rest of his post he isn't at all wrong on. It's the mantra of the left, call something like murder of a child, woman's health, Give illegals "sanctuary" Progressives live in opposites world and their main tactic is to deflect whatever shitty behavior they're partaking in onto those who disagree with them.
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