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Live in Boise, Idaho? Want to Test Games?

Well, turns out my company may be opening up a site in Boise, Idaho over the summer for a big project.

No experience necessary, entry level, minimum wage (to start), temp summer job from mid-/late June till September but you'll be working on a AAA game and have a chance to learn the science of software testing which is surprisingly rare in this sort of position.

We have some higher level positions if you have some experience but not many.

Games are software, if somewhat specialized, and testing software is a science with techniques and methodologies which can be trained and effectively applied. It's just that so few game companies bother to do so because they themselves have never learned these things or at least not formally enough to apply them with any sort of reliability. Opportunities to learn this science will be made available at this site.

If things work out then the site may survive past the summer and some positions may become permanent but I'll burn down that bridge when I get to it.
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