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Originally Posted by Terran View Post
I'll eventually see each of the top three, but I'm not paying a ticket price, lol. The closest to getting my money is Logan, but even then I'm not quite interested enough to part with cash for it.
Love Emma Watson. Not enough to see a kids movie.

I think she's a fairly reasonable person as far as feminist go and pretty articulate, though sometimes she's gone too far for me to supporter and I've, sadly had to withdraw my Facebook offer of marriage until she stops this whole "he for she" thing. She was clearly acting when she did that whole speech in front of the UN and it showed.

As for the "gay" part in the movie, just like every other bullshit PR move had it not become a reported on issue it probably wouldn't have become an issue at all. It is an character who happens to be gay. It wasn't a billboard proclaiming the awesomeness of the gay and/or transgender life. I guess what people forget is most don't CARE of someone is gay or not, they just don't like it being taught to their children without their permission or without certain guidelines or without the parents consent much less being advocated against the parents wishes.

A character in a movie who happens to be gay usually isn't going to be a problem (with the same tasteful limits you'd put on a hetrosexual relationship in a movie of the same rating). Even in power rangers just because someone's having "girlfriend problems" wouldn't be a thing, until someone decided to make it "a thing" and now it's "A THING".
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