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Originally Posted by SpectralThundr View Post
It's straw grasping is all. The Nintendo faithful hates to admit that Nintendo rehashes much of the same 4 or 5 IP over and over again, meanwhile they'll bitch about generation remaster as if Nintendo hasn't been the guiltiest of doing this for decades to begin with.
They don't usually remaster; what they typically do has been worse. They just re-release digital versions without any sort of touchups at all. It's double-dipping of the worst kind, but it'll hopefully be rectified with the fact that they've abandoned the console-specific purchases with the Switch and shifted everything to account-based.

There is, however, a difference between releases/remasters utilizing their pre-existing IPs in new scenarios. It might be the 32nd Mario game, but it's at least different from the most recent games and is utilizing a play style not seen in the series since 2002.
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