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What's illogical is kicking and screaming about the horrors of the state's "theft" and then voluntary rushing to utilize the results of that "theft."
A thief is still a thief if they wash your windows before they leave with your jewels. This is the stupidest argument in the world.

You have voluntarily stayed as a legal adult for 20 years...
And if there were a non-state place to go to, that would mean something. Also, no other instances of prior consent work this way, because it's not prior consent at all and you know it. It is assumed consent, which is completely unethical.

Under this definition of consent, Jews consented to be sent to the FUCKING GAS CHAMBERS because they stayed in Germany. FUCK YOU, think again you goddamn MORON. Have some actual principles for once in your life! The state is an illegitimate bastard and you're making excuses for its tyranny!
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