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With AMD's humiliating track record of lies and dishonesty, I'm going to wait to see actual reviews before believing anything.

Bulldozer saw exactly this same sort of hype and it was all nothing but complete lies spread by their disgustingly slimy viral marketing team(seriously, the lowest group of people on any tech forum I've ever dealt with).

A bunch of people got kickbacks to lie and leak fake information about an upcoming AMD release? Vega is going to beat Pascal to market by at least six months, Hawaii is going to destroy Maxwell in efficiency, Bulldozer is going to obliterate the weak i7- these are all actual lies AMD's viral marketing scumbags have spread to mislead people.

Biggest indicator- last time AMD was honestly superior to Intel's top offering, the OG Athlon days- their top chip retailed for $1K- directly in line with Intel's prices. AMD has shown that they were capable of being competitive in the past, and they priced accordingly. Hell, just look at the Fury X, that wasn't even all that competitive and it *STILL* was priced in line with the 980Ti. This belief that AMD has a superior part coming based on "leaks" and they are going to price it at less then half of what Intel is? I'm throwing a bullshit flag. Go ahead, prove me wrong AMD.
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