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Originally Posted by Anenome View Post
Yet you've bought zero bitcoin, the greatest investment of our age, right? Heh. I've made about 5,000% on it thus far, and you were around back then when it was talked about here.
You've said time and again Bitcoin doesn't work if it's only seen as an investment. Isn't that why you bought a shirt or something a couple years ago?

As for AMD, I had an Athlon proc in my main machine. Once. And I gave them a chance on their videocards several times over the last 20 years. And in all cases I felt I get bent over. I never felt like I had gotten anything superior in their hardware than if I'd gone intel or matrox (back in the day) or nvidia.

In fact life was usually so much worse. Their chip performance usually left much to be desired and their video drivers were late, buggy, or they'd drop support at the drop of a hat. Even when catalyst unified drivers came out (years after nvidia started unifying their Gforce drivers) they where such shit they break more than they fix. And sometimes they'd break, fix, break the SAME THING THEY JUST FIXED in the next version, and keep doing that for months on end. Fix, break, fix, break. They did this with HDMI support for nearly 6 months where every time you booted up you had to calibrate your HDMI monitors to fit the screen dimensions again because it would either display 3 inches of black bars on each side or it would blow the display area to 2x what your monitor could show.

Fuck you AMD. I doubt with how old I am you will ever see a direct cent from me ever again.
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