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Originally Posted by excalibur1814 View Post
I do like Doctor Who, always have, but it's not shocking to finally have a Female Doctor. I watched 'The Eaters of Light' last night, with my girlfriend, who complained about the 'lesbian' bit in the cave."Why couldn't she just say 'no thanks' instead of going into the 'I'm a lesbian' stuff?" Fair point.

This season featured quite a few plot holes, some glaring, so I expect the next season to have an initial boost to ratings which will slowly fall to a new low by the end. I could be wrong and I think that Jodie fits the Doctor mould, but it's such a risky change.

I didn't mind the Master being female. The twist in Elementary, having Natalie Dormer play a female Moriarty, was a great twist. I even liked the Thor being a female, which worked, as Thor still existed without the hammer.
I think every episode pointed out how she was a lesbian. Steven Moffit has lost it 100%. He is the main influence that has caused each actor to leave the show.
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