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Originally Posted by SpectralThundr View Post
I love how Evil outright ignores the PC as a platform when doing release dates. Kinda silly really.
I think it's because they use Amazon to generate their lists and the lion's share of PC releases are all digital and through Steam. They regularly miss digital-only console titles, unless it happens to be extremely high-profile or anticipated.

I hate it, too.

Originally Posted by BalekFekete View Post
I opt'd for Shadow of War tomorrow, then will do the South Park when it hits sale. Was one or the other, and went for the one that won't turn the wife off quite as much when she walks by the room. LOL
I must be lucky, because my wife will be laughing along with me if/when she's in the room while I play South Park. She also doesn't mind watching the wonderful levels of violence found in games like Shadow of War, too. For me, it all boiled down to having pre-ordered FBW last year and the release dates lining up within a week of each other once all was said and done.
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