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Originally Posted by AlfredT View Post
"I'm not a racist, I just want to be around white people exclusively"

"I'm not a racist but the holocaust didn't happen!"
Wait a second. You can be a holocaust denier and not be a racist. Sheesh.

Hmm, let's see if we can try this in some other ways. I am not a nerd, I just want to be around geeks exclusively.

I'm not a jock, I just want to be around athletes exclusively.

You know, playing devil's advocate here, one of the things people tell you about growing yourself as a person is to associate with people who are like what you want to be.

I mean stalwarts like Richard Branson say this. Huff Post talks a lot about the positive impact of association.

Certainly these super lefties can't be wrong.

So if white people display a lot of the positive traits folks want to aspire toward (strong families, good work ethic, health, less trouble with the law) maybe Blackzc has a point?
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