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Pal, what do you think you are sowing in your life? Do you expect to reap strawberries from all this?

The commie shit was cooked up and carried out by so many people around the world, hanging it all on the jews is about as silly as boiling down all the world's problems on them.

You know what would really happen today if all the jews were gone? not a damn thing changing. that's what.
The interests and mechanics at play that make our world what it is, are far more fundamental.
I know loads and loads of people behaving like that caricature above -- mostly non-jews.

Shit man, this is getting out of hand. What are we doing on this gaming site, hrm? I do hate the sjws for kicking off all this hyperinflation of politics nonsense into gaming, and there is probably no choice than addressing it at some level from time to time, and maybe it can even be interesting and enlightening -- it's mostly grown-ups here with exceeding interests, and many problems of life are very intertwined. But when looking at this shit above, I too have to say now, just how far we gonna take it from here?
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