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People really going off on this stuff. The game during beta is very "gamble-to-progress", and that's definitely not great. Gamble-to-progress is a pretty vile system. Word is that you'll have more avenues for progression at launch, according to some leaked private test build. As long as there's ways around the gambling--for example, you can build/upgrade cards with crafting parts, they were just slow to earn in beta--then I can deal with the packs.

It's not really "pay-to-win" though. People buying packs get more chances to gamble, but aren't getting access to anything that anyone else couldn't get access to. I had a few gold cards in the beta. Odds per pack are still going to be the same for any particular card. It's kinda like the shortcut kits in the Battlefield games, except without the guarantee of getting what you're aiming to buy. A very roundabout way to spend significantly more money for the same thing.

When they have purchase-only packs offering exclusive high-power gear, then I'll jump on the pay-to-win anger bandwagon.
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