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Originally Posted by screwyluie View Post
I can't help but wonder if this was planned or if it's simply a response to the fact it was beat in under 30 hours instead of 300 hours as the devs lied claimed.

The joys of an entirely procedurally generated game is you can remake the whole game over night.
Oh come on.

The game was beat in 30 hours by a guy who was trying to "beat" the game as fast as he could. He even says he sat and grinded out one thing to power up enough to get to the center of the galaxy. So basically he min/maxed it with no sense of playing for fun just so he could say that he beat it. That's not going to be the conditions under which most people play the game.

And if you're playing No Man's Sky to "beat" it, you're really not playing the game correctly to begin with.

As many have stated, this game is going to disappoint a LOT of people just because they outright refuse to listen to developers when they say what the game actually is.
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