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Originally Posted by screwyluie View Post
According to him he didn't rush the, he claimed to have seen most things the game has to offer. And there is no min max in this game. He mined an expensive resource that he claims is absurdly easy to find as it's in an area the game takes you to. He's not a speed runner , the game is just absurdly easy to progress in. Regardless of how you play it, that is not a good thing.
Given the amount of changes and additions being made to the game via a patch he never had access to, it sounds like virtually everything he said and experienced is (more or less) inaccurate. Obviously, we'll have to wait and see...but, as it currently stands, his impressions (and $1300 for an early copy) are wasted.

I love that bit about how you're playing it wrong... in pretty sure that's not possible, just not playing it how you think it should be played and that really doesn't matter.

I know exactly what the game is and I'm going to buy it knowing full well it's a complete disappointment. There's no big secret, it's just another boring sandbox with no point to it.
While I do think there are "wrong" and "right" ways to play games in a very broad sense, it's kind of tough to apply that concept to a sandbox game. Am I playing GTAV wrong when I completely ignore the story and just tool around, causing havoc with a public transit bus?

I think going into the game expecting disappointment isn't necessarily the right idea, but tempering expectations probably is. Based on the amount of stuff being added to the game via the Day One patch, any and all impressions we've seen so far aren't really worth a damn at this point. The game everyone else will be playing as of tomorrow will be quite different from what those with leaked/early copies experienced.
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