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Originally Posted by Mad Max RW View Post
This is Bioware Montreal. Everyone there thinks like that. From the lead designer to the writers to the animators and so on. I will be shocked if they don't start blaming the overall negative reactions on straight white males. Just repeat Ghostbusters 2016 because that worked so well.
There's no doubt they will, David Gaider was another one who during his time at Bioware and when they still had their own forums would lash out at any sort of constructive criticism aimed at the writing or design decisions being made. It started getting real bad around the time of Dragon Age 2 and apparently has just snowballed downhill from there. I get the idea that the culture at Bioware these days has finally reached such a level of toxic social justice batshittery its obviously really starting seep into their games and destroying the legacy the docs had built with their D&D branded titles and the first KOTOR.
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