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Originally Posted by brandonjclark View Post
Looks pretty good, but the story is weak or at least has a major plothole with the limited info I have on it.

How important is it to solve a murder when the body is apparently so unimportant in this future? The guy has his consciousness in a clone already.

Ya know?
People's consciousnesses/memories are stored in what are called cortical stacks, which are kept within the spine; if this is destroyed, the person is gone forever. Only the extremely wealthy can afford what is essentially cloud storage; part of the plot of the first book this series is based on is solving what is essentially the attempted murder of a rich dude whose cortical stack was destroyed. He is effortlessly re-uploaded into a new body...but, he's missing the previous 48 hours and is operating under the assumption that someone tried to permanently kill him.

People can be permanently killed in this setting.
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