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Originally Posted by sticky View Post
Honestly, the game is great. I'm really enjoying it.
Wow, having bought a month of the ea pass to check it out before pulling the trigger on the "deluxe" (ie pay extra for a few instant unlocks) version, I was seriously turned off on the complete 'everything is unlocked via random roll, have fun with RNG fucking you for weeks to get one item you would have just picked as a level up bonus in any other level based game, plus it's really only a stat upgrade and not an actual dynamic choice/trade off choice' upgrade model.

Fuck that, I'll just pirate the single player whenever it's cracked and call it good.

As at least the first 3 campaign levels was a fun 'scratch my sw role play itch' but if it's only 5 hours, with multiple levels as cameos, meh. I'll take $5 sale in a few years, Alex. But then this is EA, they take decades before letting games go that low, cause where's my ME Complete GOTY version??

All that to say: What makes you declare this game "great?"
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