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Originally Posted by vallor View Post
You don't think two ultra left-wing companies like EA and Disney can make an arrangement with a greedy attention whore upstanding pillar of the community like this? Someone needs to fund his future campaigns and they need to save some more face. It's about time someone uselessly beat their head against the wall picked up the torch Jack Thompson and Hillary dropped.
If it was good enough for Obama's IRS to harass conservative groups and conservative companies like Gibson guitars, conservative religious groups like forcing nuns to pay for abortafacients, then all I have to say is...


If the state is going to be a tool of ideological enforcement and punishment in the hands of liberals, then make them play by their own rules. Good luck proving you're not discriminating against Asian applicants, Harvard! LOLOLOLOLOLOL.
Originally Posted by Eats View Post
"...boys lining up outside a room to take a turn gang raping a woman?...I went to frat parties where shit like this was going down
Originally Posted by Eats View Post
I certainly went to frat parties where girls were getting roofied

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