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Originally Posted by TzunSu View Post
Btw, when did they change from the incredibly wicked version they posted a trailer for, to an MMO?
Officially, a few months ago. They just weren't getting the backing they needed for the high-profile, sexy retail release they were going for.

So now it'll be a F2P MMO affair. I was pretty geeked for this for so long, but they've had to chop the game so drastically now, and what they're trying to do with the MMO aspect... ugh. My interest level on it has plummeted.

Hopefully Tactics will be good, and while I lament what Mechwarrior has been reduced to, I've switched horses to Mek Tek's "Solaris Assault Tech" in the hopes that they'll deliver something more akin to what Mechwarrior was supposed to have been.
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