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3 big MMOs coming up

So I thought I'd share here too. Enjoy!

Tera is too weird, even for PvPers and when the novelty of illegally aged girls dressed as sexual objects and "jiggletits" wears off it will be f2p after all the hype from the controversial content dies down.

The Secret World is going to be big, but like every Failcom game the european market will have to sustain them once everyone realizes it's just another typical mmo. Having the lent stigma of "EA"'s publishing on the box doesn't help either. Despite it all there is genuine hope for this one considering the fresh new setting, Funcom's reputation of supporting their products over time, and yes there's big ole'tatties from the polished and streamlined dream engine we all came to love and loathe from AoC.

GuildWars 2 is going to bury the rest of these watered down fantasy mmorpgs. The lead writer is a strong feminine character whom I've had the pleasure of chilling with in person. She will steal the female market with her world, and in a market where your customers are static, they will come from other fantasy worlds such as this one. Rift won't show the bruises in public tho, as moneybags who runs the show can easily sustain it through a drought or two.

The added competition is refreshing but overdue since the bubble has burst. To think mmorpgs use to be about just being somewhere with 100s of people at once, live. They could be anywhere in the world and yet we were all together, to be there and experience it. That's where a good story comes in, because to the poor desensitized minds of veteran gamers it takes a truly good story and atmospheric world to draw us in, then the purpose and reason to keep us going.

My money is on GW2 for taking the crown in that department.
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