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Originally Posted by Anenome View Post
Granted. Yet, still a successful system--amazingly, I know.

I can say one thing. Of all the systems next gen, you can bet your bottom dollar that the X720 will be the absolute most reliable system ever created in the history of video gaming. It's going to surpass Nintendo-quality. Because of what it cost them to have 360s failing left and right. They say a problem doesn't get fixed until it squeaks. The 360 squeaked for hundreds of millions of dollars. They'll be able to justify spending perhaps even $100m just getting the hardware perfectly hard-tested. Bet on it. Bet on it. I'm talking sub 1% failure rates. Even Nintendo's has like a 2% failure rate.
You mean how like the SLIM is now? The latest version is rock solid and all the bad taste has left my mouth once I got it. But you are correct, they will make sure the next version is free from that embarrassment of the RRoD.

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