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I've had this happen to me once. Mostly when I get to the tower it is a black screen, but only for 30-60 seconds, which is a long time. Also, when I'm trying to take a fast travel from the edge of the tower pack to the middle, it puts me into a 3rd person spectator view on another player (I move with that player and everything) for a few seconds which is really confusing.

Also, I just leveled up a Titan to 20 last night in the EDZ doing engvironment activities only. NO story missions, except to get to the point where I can go to the EDZ. It's fun to run around the farm as a fully geared up 20 watching these level 2's. This is how those ubar players can lord it over the newbs. I've even seen a few other 20's there as well. Quite exciting.

To esplain, I was watching some Youtoob videos regarding getting a high power (light) level. Apparently, an easy way is to level up without doing any quests. Then when you get special gear in the quests, its usually higher than your current level which moves you up from there. Starting at a high base power level is best when getting that gear.

I currently have a base of 280 (I had a Titan already, transferred their gear, and deleted them) and am now doing quests, I will see how this goes.
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