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Originally Posted by Mozain View Post
Can't say I have any interest in this thing at all.

In my opinion, unlike the NES and SNES games which have a timeless look for the most part, PS games look extremely dated/bad and that proves to be more distraction than fun for me.

But yes I will second the Bloody Roar comment. Was just talking to a friend about that the other day and hoping for some kind of resurrection of that series, especially in light of a new SC and Samurai Showdown coming out.
I'd love a Bloody Roar resurrection. My main was Gado, but I was solid with Shenlong.

Feel the same way about the PS Classic, though. I can't play N64/PS games very easily anymore. They just look like a mess. And most of the 3D games that were worth playing back then, already have newer games in the same series or in the same vein that do it better.
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