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Originally Posted by Mojopin View Post
So a pulitzer prize winning journalist is less factual than one of your racist, bigoted, sexist favs and Breitbart? God you are a stupid fucking moron.
The fact the Dems are fighting this so hard is literally all i need to know. Nothing else, that's it, the fucks have something to hide.

As for pulitzer prize winning journalist. For a nigga like me, all this means to me, now that im woke as fuck...is that this journalist is confirmed my sworn enemy and his master approve of his work. The number of liberals that lean on the media to think for them is unreal.

I came across this 4 times last year in my own family. What kind of news you watch is the only thing that matters. I could give a shit if you want to read Salon and Itsgoingdown all day. Thats on you. Lets debate ya bunch of mental lightweight...Fuck your news outlet of choice.

MSM leans hard left, if your a hard leftist then you would have no complaints, of course. But dont be coming up in hur trying to throw your gold stars around like they mean shit to me. Fuck a pulitzer prize winner.

As for FOX and Brietbart...mostly meh with the occasional good article. Since i have enough IQ to sort through shills and misdirection, i get my news from 4/pol 8pol/zero hedge and dailystormer, my dude.

And el o fucking l for the throwing out the triad of lost arguments. Yeah, im racist, yes women belong in the fucking home and no, i don't tolerate opposing views from people who are attempting to exploit what little altruism i have left, fuck outta here.

Originally Posted by Mad Max RW View Post
Trump is just going to steamroll the Dems in 2020. They might as well not show up.
Lulz, the dems will not win outside of a major metropolitan area until they go back to blue dog/union style politics, which will require a huge purge.

Remember just 3 years ago when it was reported that the Republican party was dead? Well, they were right, but for the wrong reasons. Now its more powerful than its ever been.

Trump is teaching us how to fight back. I am so thankful for him.
Nintendo: A guiding light in a sea of video game degeneracy

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