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Originally Posted by Mojopin View Post
No he didn't you, quit lying and putting words in his mouth you stupid fucking asshole. He goes on to talk about bias on both sides and bringing back objectivity. Ignoring anything he had to say you then went on to spew more of your bullshit and not having anything to counter what you were supposedly supposed to be fucking replying too, you fucking weirdo asshat who pretends to be other fucking people and talk shit since you don't have any fucking balls.
First off, thank you for standing up for the idea of not misrepresenting what other people say. Most people seem to think that is fine, but it is a detriment to everyone to let it go. I gave up asking for my ideas to be represented accurately, although I can't help from speculating about why a few people on the forum do it so consistently.

Here are a few of my theories on the subject, and clearly these things can apply to people at any place in the ideological continuum, although some seem associated with extremism.

1. They are trolls. They have endless time and energy to devote to trying to get a rise out of a total stranger. Their online personas are simply a tool they use to troll, so they don't care what arguments or behavior is used to accomplish their objective. Double standards, dishonesty, hypocrisy, nonsense, outright lying, etc. mean absolutely nothing. In fact, they may be useful to bait the suckers. It may be a generational thing, but it makes one wonder what they could possibly get out of it that would make it worth the time? Is it a rush? And addiction? pathological? Perhaps there is a sense of camaraderie in uniting to harass somebody for their thoughts and opinions. One quick note on this is that most states have laws concerning cyberbullying. Mine does and they are aware of my requests to stop being harassed on this forum. It is one of the odd things about cyberbullies and trolls that they are willing to put it all in writing and in public, but I never said we were dealing with geniuses. On the same note, I suggest in all sincerity that even when you lose your temper you try to moderate your language. I can pretty much guarantee that they don't care what names you call them at this point.

So, the trolling thing is my main guess at this point.

2. In it to win it. For whatever reason, some people have developed an extremist ideology and either feel personally threatened by the existence of somebody who does not agree with them, or they feel that they are part of an important battle and that everything they can do to attack the opposition helps a greater cause. It seems misguided to me, but I am sure that some people feel that way.

3. Reading and writing is two horde. Not everyone on this planet can read with comprehension and organize thoughts clearly. For some, complex or nuanced arguments might just be confusing as hell. Nanny, nanny, nanny goat seems an equally valid response as addressing exactly what somebody actually said. Some people might devote a huge amount of time to expressing themselves on this forum but not realize that by failing to reply with integrity they just make their efforts dismissable and insipid and worthless.

4. Complicity. In the social and information bubbles produced by abandoning abjectivity and a social commons, ideas and behavior that should be challenged or tested get rewarded and approved by like minded peers. It is a danger we all face these days, and it is one of the reasons I come here and ask questions and try to express my views. I also really appreciate the few people who completely disagree with me ideologically, but who are willing to at least explain themselves. I'm not sure if anybody appreciates my views on things, but they seem to enjoy it when I point out flaws with the left. I think Venom and Vallor both write pretty well and refrain from the kinds of blatant abuse that would make somebody feel a need to ignore them.

My suggestion (to everyone) is that if you find yourself responding to somebody who you feel is lying or trolling you, who would rather get a rise out of you than engage your ideas, with somebody who would rather defeat you and force you to disappear as opposed to valuing a chance to discuss something with somebody from a different viewpoint, just add them to your ignore list and don't give their comments a second thought. This includes those who absolutely despise everything about me because I am a liberal or because they don't like what I say, etc. Just ignore me rather than harass me.
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