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Originally Posted by VenomUSMC View Post
Considering how you appear to have gone against everything you've complained about (confirmation bias, putting words in people's mouths, etc.), it seems to me your real complaint is that this isn't going in the political direction you want.
Venom, I'll just ask you again, why do you call out Mojopin for this type of shit while consistently giving Terran, Spectral, and Blackzc a pass?

Is it loyalty? Is it something back channel? You did it to me, you did it to Mojopin? In my case you specifically sorted back through a couple pages of abusive bullshit and cherry picked my responses only, so I know you saw what was going on, but you can't actually think that kind of conduct is fine when Terran does it but wrong if I do it, can you?

I can't speak for Mojopin, but it seems like we could all use a break from some of this biased behavior. Do you like trolling? Lying? Hypocrisy? Are those things awesome as long as it comes from an anti justice warrior or alt right person or conservative extremist? Do you see any problem at all with discussing a biased memo about a biased process in a biased investigation on a forum in which the members collectively sanction all conduct as long as it is biased?

But more specifically, I am curious, what "political direction" do you think this is going in? I don't think it is going anywhere aside from stirring the pot for Trump loyalists. In fact, I think they did themselves a disservice this time in over hyping this, and the vehicle, Nunes, is grossly flawed for delivering a message of objectivity to complain about the influence of political bias in current happenings in DC.

But, a larger view is that regardless of how frustrated Trump supporters are about this investigation, there are a large number of Americans who think Trump is getting away with a lot of shady shit and they really want to believe that there is some system or process that matters. I feel badly that the Trump/ Russia issue seems to pollute the Russia meddling in our elections issue, which seems like it should have been non-partisan, but has somehow become another partisan football. Hey, a sports reference on super bowl day. Go me!
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