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Originally Posted by Chimpbot View Post
The entire point behind their "no more generations" initiative is to make it easier for people to continue playing games while upgrading their hardware. It's not like I'm making this up; the intent is to ensure games are playable across multiple hardware iterations, which is a much better long-term plan.
I think that is what they want to tell you their plan is, but the reality is that they started pushing the old 360 games almost totally because they have nothing else to push.

State of Decay 2 is buggy and average, Sea of Thieves is an actual terrible game and they launched their new hardware without even a single game. That's some terrible planning, it stinks of a division that is totally focused on the hardware and has no clue what to offer consumers beyond that.

So, they started pushing the old 360 games and bragging about how great Red Dead Redemption looks on the Xbone. That's great and all and I'm sure it looks a little better, but wouldn't having some actual product to offer consumers be a better thing?

That is like that new disability themed controller. While you can't help but admire the IDEA behind the controller, what do you think the actual demand is for that product? How much money and time was spent developing it, when that money could have gone toward the development of a new game? I would guarantee you that if you total up the development costs and the cost of manufacturing and assembling the hardware that they could have easily have funded a whole AAA game for what they spent on a controller that only a few thousand people will ever buy worldwide.

They just seem to be a company that is floundering. They have no idea what to do or how to get back to where they were.
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