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Originally Posted by Terran View Post
You've turned into such a triggered little liberal cuck, lol.
Not liberal. Very very to the right. White cultural protectionist aka white nationalist which, frankly gets a bad rap. There's a big gap between modern white nationalism and nazis, KKK, and so on; primarily in the means of obtaining the racial harmony.

Now maybe in other countries a racial nationalism makes sense however I feel like America is different.

In America ideological nationalism makes more sense because, frankly, the worst of the progressives and leftists out there are white people trying to purge themselves of some white guilt or other horrible stain they feel on their soul because of imagined privilege only they can see or imagine.

Of course ideological harmony does tend to observe certain traits which will mean you'll see some racial lines, but I suspect they will be more along economic and geographic lines. Overall we may end up with a much less homogeneous set of people than Black seems to think.

There are way, way more white people I'd like to get rid of these days than Indians (Asian and Native), Blacks, Mexican, or even some Middle Easterners. It seems mostly white people are arrogant enough to rustle up grievances for people who never asked them to be advocates in the first place and who have, at times, asked them to stop (see Native Americans vs. Activists trying to change the name of the Washington Redskins NFL team)!

To me compatibility with the culture is the true measuring stick; that and their ability to make sure their kids are also carrying forward that compatibility with the American culture. That's one of the great things about America is we still have a very clearly defined culture, for now, so people regardless of color can still be American if they try.

Other places in Europe, South America and so on have had their culture diluted enough they can't do the same, there they may need a grosser marker like race to see the difference between groups.
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