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Originally Posted by ministryofwrath View Post
I've been living abroad more or less for 6 years.

in that time, I've seen a culture that prioritizes its own people and culture, and its worked out well for them.

Now it's time for Hong Kong to accept its identity as part of china, and stop living on borrowed power from other countries, they are chinese, and hong kong is part of china.

So many people from china, and hong kong, come to America and start to replace the local people, the signs the restaurants the culture.

yet here they are screaming "we aren't chinese save us, give us western freedom and culture"

And I'm sick of the twisted double standards.

So I'm saying let hong kong return to their rightful owners and people.

they need to stop begging westerners to sacrifices western lives to save them.

Because in the end, they'd replace us while calling us racist and taking advantage of our local laws to benefit their people while sacrifices ours.

I'm saying ones own people should come first before you save the rest of the world, and virtue signaling won't save your soul or your people.

Living abroad makes you more immune to koolaid than the average person, for better or worse.

And no insult taken, even if you are criticizing, it's the internet, I've got chainmail for skin
Get bent dude! It's not about that it about not wanting to be under the thumb of god awful CCP government. The guys that lock up religious minority's like falun gong or Weger Muslim's in "reeducation" AKA concentration camps. They even harvest organs from this people for fuck sakes. I have give money to help them fight these human shit piles in the Chinese government you can go right to hell dude.

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