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I am sure some will like it. For me the lack of detail on the textures made it look bland like someone slapped on 256x256 one or two color textures made in MS Paint or something. The color palette they showed had a decent variety but when you have just one color and no details on major piece of anatomy (like the torso of the main character) the eye gets bored.

I agree about the animations being wonky, it feels like they need to add at least half-a-dozen more frames to many of the motions like the running and some of the combat animations.

The animals and many of the creatures looked and moved awkwardly which can be forgiven but you can't skimp on the bosses and the main character. A lot of what I saw in the background, grass and so on, looked like billboards which sort of goes with the artstyle but when put up against things that are much more visually rich (like some of the creatures, the "horse" thingie, and the main character) they start to look very cheap when not done properly.

Other parts of the environment, like when they show the player opening the gates, look really good so there is some schizophrenic art direction here.

The gameplay could be the saving grace but it will be hard to get to that part for a lot of players who may not be able to get past the trailer.

Some of the scenes in the trailer do make me wonder about the story of the game, and that may be enough to draw me in despite myself... as someone mentioned, the game isn't out just yet.
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