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Originally Posted by Metal Jesus View Post
My friend Kelsey with her two Pink Gorilla retro stores in Seattle can't really give away Atari 2600 games (or Intellivision/7800/5200/etc)...so the audience for this system is very small. I got the feeling even Hyperkin understands this may end up being a small run...
I was thinking about this too, about the market for Atari 2600 games. My local store has tons of carts available as well but they are mostly the boring games - NOT the "must haves".

And at the same time, the Atari Flashback (all models) sell well on Amazon and at Walmart/Target - so there IS a market for this.

Maybe if someone you know with a YouTube channel was *really* into sharing his/her love about retro gaming would do a "Top 10 or even 20 Must Have Games for the Atari 2600" (and help drive up the value of those games too ) then maybe that would be enough to help kickstart the second coming (ok, the 18th) of the console that just won't die.
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