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Originally Posted by SpectralThundr View Post
Does this game feel like Horizon Zero Dawn? Surprisingly despite all the praise it got I just couldn't get into it. Does MH have a similar feel?
I donít think so. And I played the hell out of Horizon.

MHW is a whole other beast. I spent about 45 mins in the character creator(so many options!) and after I got to town and the training area where I could test each weapon I spent another hour there just playing with one weapon type trying to learn it. My point? Itís super deep. The particular weapon was called the Charge Blade. Itís a sword and shield pair that turns into a giant axe as you combo. And thatís not even the kicker. It charges as you hit enemies in the sword and shield mode. Then you can switch to axe mode and release the charged energy for explosive attacks. Also if you charge the weapon to the max and you do not release the energy your attacks will bounce off targets and negate you damage. Haha. Yeah... A lot to manage! And thatís just one weapon type.

I never got into MH. Mostly because it wasnít on Xbox. But this seems really awesome. Also it looks and sounds fantastic. There are three different graphical options for the X1X which is cool. Right now I have it on high res and it has been running smooth. I was going to check out the high frame rate setting today. They also have a high graphical detail setting.
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