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Originally Posted by xxBlackCrossxx View Post
having played all three games i am under the firm belief of the indocrination theory...if true, which i definitely think so, will go down as one of the most brilliant pieces of storytelling imo in the medium and all the knee jerk reactions will look silly.
True, unfortunately it seems this whole thing was not in fact planned out by the writers at all. It would've been a brilliant stroke to troll the entire community with a fake ending that actually had a storytelling reason, as if that were the end--essentially creating some of the fantastic false endings of past games--then release the real ending.

Originally Posted by xxBlackCrossxx View Post
the writers obviously left the ending vague and open for an intended purpose
Unforunately the purpose, I believe, was so satisfy the suits who told them not to close off the story so they could suck blood out of the fan-base with future properties in the same universe.

Which is stupid, because even if you closed off the story you could still do all sorts of stuff in that universe, just as Star Wars did.

Originally Posted by xxBlackCrossxx View Post
these people arent stupid, the ending as it currently is has no viable continuity within its own canon. they know this.
They, the writers, know it and cringe. The suits know it and don't care.

Originally Posted by xxBlackCrossxx View Post
why have amazing writing for three games only to shit the bed for the last 15 mintues. its intended.
Do 1 min of research on who Drew Karypyshyn is. It is he who created the ME universe. Realize also that he was completely sidelined for much of part 2 and all of part 3. He went from head writer on 1 to barely getting a writing credit at all on 3, if at all? I dunno. But we know that Bioware sidelined him for 3. This is not the ending a writer like Karpyshyn would've given us.

Btw, Karypshyn is also responsible for the glorious story that is KOTOR and the shocking ending of that game. This guy knows how to make a goddamn story. There would be NO Star Wars:TOR but for his writing genius that made KOTOR a classic game experience. Yet they tossed him aside like yesterday's liver for Mass Effect. The whole thing is a travesty of injustice.
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