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Originally Posted by PatrickRes9 View Post
That's a valid question. For sure. I personally enjoyed the change a lot. Some people didn't and I understand for them. To them it wasn't quite "Zelda". I was personally happy to see the change in direction. It was a little bit overdue IMO, but not everyone feels that way.

We might here similar complaints on the new Pokemon, which is going to be much more open world/exploration driven.

But again, all that stuff is good in the hood, but I want to see Nintendo take risks OUTSIDE their flagship IPs as well. I would really love to see an in-house developed Survival Horror from Nintendo, like I was saying. I want them to prove their chops on other genres. See where they measure up to the rest of the industry. I know you like powerful hardware. I've got a PC, so that helps. I personally have been enjoying the portability of the Switch. For me. Not everyone wants that. But my biggest gripe with Nintendo lately is not seeing enough games OUTSIDE their typical IPs and their typical wheelhouse. Splatoon games were fine and great, but again, it was very Nintendo. I want to see some things that aren't "very Nintendo" - and are a legitimate risk attempt outside their bread and butter.
The odd thing Pat, we likely agree on more than you realize. As a comparison it's much like the old Bioware rpg's vs stuff like Dragon Age. It really boils down to the same thing, they couldn't do 3/4th perspective over head RPG's forever. At some point they had to move forward. I get it for those who care about portability I truly do, that isn't what I want out of a console tho. I want power, I want to see titles that push tech, I want to see new things or at least feel like improvements are being made.

Even in sports titles, I want the big presentation packages, on top of the game play, I want to see off the field presentation like player interviews or highlights from other games to make it feel immersive. Again just as an example. There is so much more developers can do they just have to spend the resources to get there. If I'm playing 162 games in a MLB The Show franchise for example, give me reasons to care about playing that many games in a season, make the game feel alive.
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