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Originally Posted by PatrickRes9 View Post
I'm really glad - honestly. When I look at that simple graphic above even, I think to myself "that's exactly how I want to play video games as a busy adult". I'd like to strap on a headset (hopefully thereby tuning out my family entirely. Aww yah!) and hold a couple of wands in my hand. When I look at the most fun games I've played this year, games like Divinity Original Sin 2, I couldn't imagine how much better that cRPG would be in a VR environment. Whew boy, I can't wait for this stuff to take off! My son is 5 right now. By the time it does take off, he'll be a teenager and the VR thing will practically parent him for me. I'll just set him up with a VR headset, the sensors, a couple of magic wands, and a mini-fridge up in his room with Mt Dew, Doritos, Hot Pockets, and Destiny 6.5 to play.

"Best-in-class VR system". That's cool. What are the classes again?
This post is dripping in sarcasm.

But yeah, at my age i feel silly strapping on a VR set and only do it when no one is home. But im old, the kids will love this stuff. For me, it will always be a novelty.

I think the classes are Prototype and CV1. We have 2 classes so far...why no talk of curved screens or much better FOV yet? I guess because no one is really impressed with them just yet. A local overstock/return store here has 4 VIVE's
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