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I've been playing it on PC, on a 65 in Sony 4K with HDR10. I've decided that there is just too much sensory overload for me. Its just too much for my old ass at this point. Looks as good as anything but the sparking and flashing effect are just rammed down my mother fucking throat like a Blacked. com mpeg. Destiny is the best FPS ever made, but it came too late in my life. I just cant anymore.

BRB, building Race/Flight Sim.

Fuck video games.

Originally Posted by Inkabodcrane View Post
I don't know what I'm missing, but I see other people spawning their personal vehicles whenever like in Destiny 1, but I either don't know how to do it in D2 or skipped through the instructions on how to do it on PC. Anyone know about this?
Try tab to pull out ghost, bottom left should tell you what key to spawn sparrow.

On a 360 controller its (select) then hold X
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