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Originally Posted by SacredWeasel View Post
More and more people are coming out as gay or trans, doesn't change the fact that they are a remote minority. Again, your best case scenario is that Trump wins another term. You think that will be the tipping point? That will normalize your racist bullcrap? Because it won't. It hasn't happened yet. Face it, you've lost, you're impotent.

I still think it's hilarious that you try and gatekeep me by pointing out how much better I have it than you. I've said this before, but what the hell: Life sucks, get over it you big baby. Whining on the internet isn't going to change a damn thing. You know why? Cause you lost. It's over, so get over it. Try lightening up. Stop blaming others for your problems, like seriously, you keep going on angry, fueled by alcohol or whatever, rants about how other people aren't doing enough or don't see things like you do, you're gonna get a fucking ulcer at this rate. Maybe stop reading stupid ass shit like 8chan, or q anon, or whatever else it is that has sucked you up at the moment and actually convinced you that your bullshit is normal.
Coming out as gay or trans. Holy fucking shit, you opened with that?!

Blaming others for my problems?

My aunt. Should she not have blamed her rapist that ambushed her walking home from work?

Should my uncle have blamed him self when he was jumped by 6 blacks at school?

Should my father (57 at the time) have blamed himself when he was jumped by 5 blacks riding his bike home from a buddies house at 11pm?

Should my buddies single mom blame herself when a robber came INTO her house in the middle of the night and she had to shoot a hole in her wall with a shotgun running him off?

Should i have blamed myself for getting robbed on xmas eve while delivering a pizza?

Should my GF have blamed herself when a black latched onto to the spare tire of her suv and took a ride with her, then climbed UNDER the fucking car when she stopped in an attempt to steal it when she got out?

You can try to pretend like you living in a completely safe area doesn't disqualify you from acting like you know jack shit about what your talking about, but it does. No amount of mental gymnastics will ever change that.

And the fact that you open your rebuttal with faggot shit tells me and anyone with an once of common sense what kind of a isolated sheltered chump you are.

My point is simply this. YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOUR TALKING ABOUT. STOP TRYING. I have news for you. I am the last person to blame for MY PROBLEMS..Ive held up my end of the fucking deal. Stupid, i know that now. You are implying that because i didn't move from the city when my neighborhood was slated for gentrification in the mid 90s, I am to blame. Do you understand the absurdity of this? Do you see how big of a chicken shit you are? RUN! You have paternalized the notion of white flight. Its a fact of life, part of growing up, sink or swim.

I didnt know they had neo cons in the Netherlands.

And my question for everyone is this.

At what point do we put to bed the notion that in order to be safe and away from toxic people you have to move away, and NOT stay right where they grew up, around their friends and family?

What responsibility does our government and police have to provide a safe place for everyone? I would say it is absolutely their responsibility. To protect and serve, not show up and take notes.

If not, the well, then what is the point of either of them? Just move...
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