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Comic Release List - 04/04/2012

Here is the comic book release list for the Week of April 4th, 2012.

Featured this week:

Danger Club #1

Faced with the deadliest peril the universe had ever known, the world's greatest heroes left the Earth to battle a nightmarish evil... and they never came back. Now only their teenage sidekicks remain. Will the Danger Club unite against this unknown cosmic menace, or will their struggle for dominance destroy them?

Supreme #63

The legendary Supreme returns! ALAN MOORE's final SUPREME tale is the ultimate jumping on point for new readers! The triumphant return of Image Comics' most powerful hero! As Supreme romances Diana Dane he takes her on a tour of the Citadel Supreme and tells all of his innermost secrets just as Supreme's most hated nemesis, Darius Dax, makes a most unfortunate discovery: the key to defeat his abhorred adversary! It's most mind-blowing cliffhanger in the history of comics!

Supurbia #2

What goes down when the capes come off? Meet the 'Real Housewives' of Earth's greatest super-team, the Meta Legion! But as the Fritsche family tries to cover up Night Fox's sordid affair and Hella Heart relapses into drug addiction due to Sovereign's messiah complex, the rest of the Meta Legion is too preoccupied with their own personal problems to notice the evil lurking beneath the cul-de-sac's surface! Supurbia takes the familiar super-team and turns it on its head with a scandalous, TMZ-fueled look at what it's like to live with a superhero!

Avengers vs X-Men #1

Itís No Longer ComingóItís Here! Does The Return Of The Phoenix To Earth Signal The Rebirth Of The Mutant Species? Thatís What The X-Men Believe! Unfortunately, The Avengers Are Convinced That Its Coming Will Mean The End Of All Life On Earth! The Stage Is Set For The Ultimate Marvel Showdown In This Oversized First Issue!

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dark horse comics

dec110092 classic marvel characters #5 dr. Strange $49.95
oct110066 classic marvel characters ff #2 invisible girl $49.95
jan120141 classic marvel characters spider man nycc exc $49.95
jan120140 classic marvel characters spider man sdcc exc $49.95
feb120042 creepy comics #8 $4.99
feb120026 criminal macabre die die my darling $3.50
feb120050 jeremiah omnibus hc vol 01 $24.99
nov110057 mass effect n7 logo embroidered patch $4.99
nov110058 mass effect paragon embroidered patch $4.99
nov110059 mass effect renegade embroidered patch $4.99
nov110060 mass effect system alliance embroidered patch $4.99

dc comics

feb120178 action comics #8 $3.99
feb120181 action comics #8 combo pack $4.99
jan120336 american vampire #25 (mr) $2.99
feb120217 animal man #8 $2.99
jan128245 batman #5 3rd ptg $2.99
jan128244 batman beyond unlimited #1 2nd ptg $3.99
jan120306 batman gotham shall be judged tp $19.99
feb120195 batwing #8 $2.99
feb120190 detective comics #8 $3.99
feb120192 detective comics #8 combo pack $4.99
dec118177 epic mad tp $12.99
feb120283 fairest #2 (mr) $2.99
nov110197 flash omnibus by geoff johns hc vol 02 $75.00
oct110285 flex mentallo man of muscle mystery dlx hc (mr) $22.99
feb120174 green arrow #8 $2.99
feb120232 hawk and dove #8 $2.99
feb120293 izombie #24 (mr) $2.99
jan120310 jack kirbys fourth world omnibus tp vol 02 $29.99
jan128243 justice league #5 2nd ptg $3.99
feb120164 justice league international #8 $2.99
dec110283 legends of the dark knight jim aparo hc $49.99
feb120275 looney tunes #206 $2.99
feb120228 men of war #8 $3.99
feb120241 night force #2 (of 6) $2.99
feb120222 omac #8 $2.99
feb120211 red lanterns #8 $2.99
jan120343 saga of the swamp thing tp book 01 (mr) $19.99
feb120276 scooby doo where are you #20 $2.99
feb120234 static shock #8 $2.99
feb120220 stormwatch #8 $2.99
feb120212 swamp thing #8 $2.99
feb120299 sweet tooth #32 (mr) $2.99

idw publishing

feb120333 30 days of night ongoing #6 $3.99
feb120335 30 days of night ongoing tp vol 01 $17.99
feb120350 cold war tp vol 01 $19.99
feb120369 gi joe cobra ongoing tp vol 02 cobra civil war $17.99
feb120359 gi joe vol 2 ongoing #12 $3.99
jan120456 how to draw transformers sc $4.99
feb120331 infestation 2 30 days of night one shot $3.99

image comics

feb128156 manhattan projects #1 var cvr 2nd ptg $3.50
sep110455 carbon grey origins #2 (of 2) cvr b evans & loh (mr) $3.99
nov110446 chew #25 (mr) $2.99
feb120420 danger club #1 $2.99
jan128124 fatale #3 var cvr 2nd ptg (mr) $3.50
feb120502 fatale #4 (mr) $3.50
jan128123 hell yeah #1 var cvr 2nd ptg $2.99
feb120507 hell yeah #2 $2.99
dec110557 invincible #90 $2.99
nov110463 mudman #3 $3.50
dec110568 savage dragon #179 $3.50
feb120522 skullkickers #13 $3.50
feb120458 skullkickers treasure trove hc vol 01 (mr) $34.99
feb120523 spawn #218 $2.99
feb120410 supreme #63 hamscher var cvr $2.99
feb120409 supreme #63 larsen cvr $2.99
feb120411 supreme #63 liefeld var cvr $2.99
jan120609 whispers #2 $2.99

marvel comics

feb120633 age of apocalypse #2 $2.99
feb120566 amazing spider-man #683 ends $3.99
feb120551 avengers academy #28 $2.99
jan120721 avengers hawkeye solo tp $16.99
jan120720 avengers legion of unliving tp $29.99
jan120723 avengers mythos hc $24.99
jan120722 avengers west coast avengers assemble tp $24.99
sep110627 brilliant #3 (mr) $3.95
sep110630 casanova avaritia #3 (of 4) (mr) $4.99
feb120608 daredevil #10.1 $2.99
feb120607 fear itself fearless #12 (of 12) $2.99
feb120598 hulk #50 $3.99
feb120552 marvels avengers prelude furys big week #3 (of 4) $2.99
feb120673 mu avengers earths heroes comic reader tp #1 $3.99
feb120674 mu avengers earths heroes comic reader tp #2 $3.99
feb120631 new mutants #40 $2.99
jan120645 secret avengers #24 $3.99
jan120753 spider-man return of anti-venom tp $15.99
feb120616 thunderbolts #172 $2.99
feb120605 toy story #2 (of 4) $2.99
feb120557 ultimate comics spider-man #9 $3.99
feb120573 venom #15 $2.99
feb120622 wolverine and x-men #8 $3.99
feb120620 wolverine and x-men alpha and omega #4 (of 5) $3.99
feb120636 x-club #5 (of 5) $2.99


dec111179 2000 ad #1770 $5.25
dec111213 advance team gn $15.99
jan128240 adventure time #2 2nd ptg (pp #1014) $3.99
dec111112 annie sullivan & the trials of helen keller $17.99
jan120831 archie meets kiss collectors ed hc $29.99
jan120832 archie meets kiss tp $12.99
feb120905 boys #65 (mr) (note price) $4.99
dec111111 celestial bibendum dlx hc (mr) $69.95
feb121085 chicagoland detective agency gn vol 03 night o/t living dogs $6.95
jul110863 code geass knight gn vol 05 $10.99
sep110819 code geass queen gn vol 05 $11.99
dec118226 dcd summit 2012 hulk #50 inked var pi
feb120925 dejah thoris & white apes of mars #1 (mr) $3.99
feb120794 dicks color ed #3 (mr) $4.99
feb120795 dicks color ed #3 offensive cvr (mr) $4.99
jan121178 dream quest of unknown kadath & other stories hc $24.99
jan121307 drops of god gn vol 03 $14.95
feb120828 fanboys vs zombies #1 main cvrs $1.00
dec110908 farscape tp vol 07 war uncharted territories pt one $12.99
feb120798 ferals #4 (mr) $3.99
feb120799 ferals #4 gore cvr (mr) $3.99
feb120800 ferals #4 wrap cvr (mr) $3.99
feb121132 freedom #1 $7.00
nov110934 garth ennis jennifer blood #11 (mr) $3.99
feb121218 gft april fools special 2012 (mr) $3.99
feb121086 girl who owned a city gn $9.95
jan120775 glamourpuss #24 $3.00
jan121328 grimm fairy tales #71 a cvr bonk (mr) $2.99
jan121329 grimm fairy tales #71 b cvr spay (mr) $2.99
sep111306 grimm fairy tales the library #5 a cvr mychaels $2.99
sep111307 grimm fairy tales the library #5 b cvr pekar $2.99
jan121308 gto 14 days in shonan gn vol 02 $10.95
feb120835 hellraiser masterpieces #11 (mr) $3.99
dec111130 honey west #5 (res) $3.99
feb121065 hulk 100 project tp (o/a) $10.00
jan120943 incorruptible #28 $3.99
sep110990 kirby genesis #6 $3.99
oct111141 kodt bundle of trouble tp vol 35 $14.99
dec111133 kolchak night stalker files #3 (res) $3.50
feb120880 lady death (ongoing) #16 (mr) $3.99
feb120881 lady death (ongoing) #16 sultry cvr (mr) $3.99
feb120882 lady death (ongoing) #16 wrap cvr (mr) $3.99
feb120876 lady death origins cursed #1 (of 3) (mr) $4.99
feb120877 lady death origins cursed #1 (of 3) sultry cvr (mr) $4.99
feb120878 lady death origins cursed #1 (of 3) wrap cvr (mr) $4.99
dec110880 legend of oz the wicked west #3 $3.50
dec111202 lenore volume ii #5 $3.99
feb121087 lou gn vol 01 secret diary $8.95
feb121088 miss annie book 01 freedom $6.95
feb121089 my boyfriend is monster gn vol 05 $9.95
dec111119 negima omnibus gn vol 04 (mr) $19.99
dec111110 pandemonium gn (humanoids) (mr) $19.95
dec110879 penny for your soul false prophet #4 (of 7) (mr) $3.50
feb121189 pokemon black & white gn vol 06 $4.99
feb121188 pokemon movie white victini & zekrom gn $7.99
feb120714 punk rock & trailer parks gn (o/a) $15.95
dec111011 queen sonja #28 $3.99
feb120734 ramiel wrath of god #1 (mr) $3.99
jan121070 red sonja witchblade #2 $3.99
oct110790 richie rich gems #45 $3.99
jan121076 robert jordan wheel of time eye o/t world #23 $3.99
feb121007 shenzhen a travelogue from china sc (mr) $14.95
jan120843 sonic the hedgehog #235 $2.99
dec110929 stan lee soldier zero tp vol 03 $14.99
dec110805 sterling gn $14.95
feb121090 summer camp science mysteries vol 01 search o/t fog zombie $6.95
jan128225 supurbia #1 (of 4) 2nd ptg (pp #1013) $3.99
feb120858 supurbia #2 (of 4) $3.99
feb120988 the lone ranger #4 $3.99
oct111218 the pack #3 (of 3) (mr) $4.50
feb120859 valen outcast #5 main cvrs $3.99
feb120956 voltron year one #1 $3.99
feb121056 vs aliens gn $9.95
feb121220 waking dream end #1 a cvr garza (mr) $3.99
feb121221 waking dream end #1 b cvr basaldua (mr) $3.99
oct111055 warehouse 13 #5 $3.99
jan120847 world of archie double digest #16 $3.99
dec110766 yankee girl stars & stripes forever #1 $19.95
nov111047 zombies vs cheerleaders #6 $3.99
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Bought AvX #0 last week, but haven't read it yet -- hoping it is good. I have been reading a lot of the new DC and really enjoy the Batman, Detective Comics, Action Comics, Green Lantern and a few others.
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Originally Posted by Wolfgang View Post
Bought AvX #0 last week, but haven't read it yet -- hoping it is good. I have been reading a lot of the new DC and really enjoy the Batman, Detective Comics, Action Comics, Green Lantern and a few others.
I got Avengers vs X-Men #0 last week too. I'm waiting until I have AvX #1 to read them both.
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Originally Posted by Emabulator View Post
I got Avengers vs X-Men #0 last week too. I'm waiting until I have AvX #1 to read them both.
Marvel put out AvX Infinite today, a digital version of the comic in higher resolution to take advantage of the new screen on the iPad.

Probably looks pretty spiffy on the PC too.
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I just got the new iPad (I'm posting from it now), and I have a comic reading app. What are some good comics to read?
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comic release list

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