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Old 05-03-2012, 08:17 AM   #21
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How does a big company like EA make that kind of error? Was it a really a mistake? Or did they simply fail to predict the backlash they would get from doing that and decide to reverse their decision?

Regardless, I wonder if you remove this game from your device, will you be able to re-install after May 31? Also, what if you decided to delve into the IAP (In App Purchases) and grab additional songs at close to $1 a pop? Will you still be able to access/re-download those?

This is why I hate IAP on these games, and games that are "free", but where you pay to unlock the full version. That is pretty much a guarantee that you will lose the full game at some point in the future.
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Originally Posted by donkeydrop View Post
Update: the message was an "error" and all previous statements are no longer operative. In other words some dope at EA got confused; they probably can't sell the game any more since the music license is expiring,but there's no legal reason why you can't continue to play your previously purchased game.
Originally Posted by LoTECH View Post
Nerd rage subsides with a whimper
No error, just EA doing some major damage control.

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