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Apex Legends Teasing its First in-game Event

Mysterious goings-on are happening in Apex Legends and we are all aboard the hype train. Eagle eyed players have spotted a message in the kill feed of Apex Legends: "A Nessy Appears...". It's leaving everyone quite bewildered.

Now you may think that this is just a small easter egg and a callback to the Titanfall games from Respawn. However, Respawn community manager Jay Frechette chimed in on the Reddit discussion with the comment, "let's just say someone is on to something...". Associate producer Josh Medina also followed that up with, "How long til someone figures it out imma say I have faith in the community and say they get it in a week lol".

Since the original Titanfall, a small plush toy of the Loch Ness Monster has been a regular feature in Respawn's maps. Apex Legends is in the Titanfall universe, albeit many years in the future, so it makes sense Nessy has made a return. But what are Respawn teasing? There are several Nessies in the Apex Legends training area, but it's the one found in the Kings Canyon map that seems important.

That first Nessy location is by Cascades on the Apex Legends map. Go to the respawn station where you can revive your dead teammates, then go slightly further north and you'll find a small pond. Taking a swim is a green Nessy. Shoot it and a message will appear in the killfeed: "A Nessy Appears".

It seems like there's something going on and now the Apex Legends community knows about it, no doubt it will be solved rapidly. The common consensus is that there will be more Nessy toys throughout the map and shooting them all will cause something to happen. Maybe the huge leviathans outside of the map will come wading to shore, chomping at anyone foolish enough to go near?

One Reddit commenter claims there's 10 Nessy toys to find as he's dug into the files, but with nothing to back up that claim, it could well be a troll. One thing's for sure: the Apex Legends journey is only just beginning, and we're surely in for a wild ride.
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I'm loving this game. It's probably the first BR game that actually seems fun to me. There is rarely no action, and it can get really tense near the end.

Everyone seems to be working well together, too. I'm loving the 3-man groups.
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I think it's already been done. Not sure how "events" in games like this are supposed to go but I saw people saying that there's 10 of them on the map, shoot them in a particular order and Nessy spawns out in the middle of the water or something.

Just visual I think and adds nothing to the game.
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apex legends

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